The Minster Lovell Heritage Centre
The owner Graham Kew, Artist, Tour Guide and Story Teller, is a fanatical lover of the village, devoting
considerable time and energy to keeping alive legends and history of this beautiful village. You will soon
be captivated by the exhibits and the friendly welcome you receive. Ask Graham to sing you the ballad of the
'Mistletoe Bough', the song of the Lovell Bride who tragically died on her wedding night. Or ask him to show
you the Minster Lovell Jewel.
Pay your admission fee and be enchanted by the collection. Gaze upon
the victorian game 'Find Francis Lovell'and relax on a Chaise Longue
and watch the video. Study the maps, historical notes, photographs,
model of a charterville cottage and much more.

Guided Tours & Treasure Hunts
Graham is chief steward to Francis Lovell at Medieval Banquets in the
village. Ask him to set the scene on the night before the Battle Of
Bosworth or extend your visit with a conducted tour of the village or
even a Treasure Hunt – memorable experiences not to be missed.

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